Canadian MetaMicroBiome Library

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Trevor Charles

Trevor Charles provides expertise in the areas of bacteria genetics and functional genomics, environmental genomics and functional metagenomics. His group has successfully constructed cosmid metagenomic libraries from soil and activated sludge, and used phenotypic screening methods to isolate clones from these libraries encoding a number of different functions including PHA metabolism, P metabolism and quorum sensing, He will direct construction of metagenomic libraries and contribute to library screening activities and sequence and functional characterization of the isolated clones.

Josh Neufeld

Josh Neufeld provides expertise in molecular microbial ecology, development of methods for the study of microbial diversity, and functional metagenomics. He will be in charge of partnerships to facilitate sample collection, construction of metagenomic libraries, combining stable-isotope probing and metagenomics, and sequence analysis of libraries.

Gabriel Moreno-Hagelsieb

Gabriel Moreno-Hagelsieb provides expertise in bioinformatics, comparative genomics, genome annotation, and inference of function. He will direct analysis of metagenomic library DNA sequences, and assembly and annotation of sequenced cosmid inserts, as well as provide bioinformatics-based guidance on the selection of candidate genes for further enzyme development.

David Rose

David Rose provides extensive research experience and expertise in protein structure and enzymatic studies of glycoside hydrolases involved in the eukaryotic glycosylation pathway and the process of starch digestion. He will direct the protein structure analysis work.